Autre travail sur Vivago 

Vivago – an intelligent social and remote wellness monitoring system for the elderly, Särelä et al, IEEE, 2003

  • Vivago system provides an integrated intelligent social alarm and remote monitoring system to be used both in institutional settings and by the elderly user living independently at home. Experiences gained so far suggest that social alarms provided by the IST system perform comparably with traditional social alarm systems, while the intelligent features enable remarkably higher usage rates (94%) to be achieved. The activity monitoring integrated in the same device provides unique long-term follow up data of wellbeing through the analysis of circadian activity patterns.

Differences in light sleep and deep sleep measured with Vivago® wristcare, Lamminmäki et al, EMBEC'05, 2005

  • The results indicate that Vivago® signals provide information on the quality of sleep. Activity measured with Vivago® is significantly smaller in deep sleep than in light sleep. The method could be used for screening and follow-up of sleep quality.

Correlation between Vivago wellbeing measurement and RAI physical activity measurement ADLH, IADL6 and MAPLe5; Nordic Healthcare Group, NHG, 2017

  • Results of the study shows that Vivago Wellbeing measurement and RAI PA measurements ADLH, IADL6 and MAPle5 has correlation. Vivago wellbeing notifications and alarms can be used to determine need to update RAI evaluation.

Actigraphy in evaluation and follow up of physical functioning of older adults, Merilahti J. PhD Thesis, VTT Science, 2017

  • The thesis results suggest that the actigraph is a feasible health monitoring concept to be utilized in assisted living and nursing home settings and is suitable for follow up of changes in activity patterns associated with changes in physical functioning.
  • Since the correlations slightly differed depending on the study population we suggest that monitoring activity level, activity rhythm strength, similarity and variability simultaneously is recommended.