Health and wellbeing watch keeps you rolling

Vivago MOVETM solution analyses and measures your wellbeing and health status in real-time. Information is always presented visually and verbally on the main view of the Vivago MOBILE application. In addition to health and wellbeing status, solution gives detailed information on your sleep amount and quality, activity and circadian rhythm.

If needed, information can be easily shared with relatives on their smartphones or tablets. The gathered data is also compiled into reports that can be utilised in healthcare and brought to doctor's appointments to support further analysis and diagnostics.

Why sufficient sleep is such an important basic need for all of us?

  • Sleep disorders cause weakened functional capacity and issues in overall wellbeing and health.
  • Reduced energy during daytime and increased tiredness influence our functional capacity and ability to cope with daily tasks.
  • Weak circadian rhythm and sleep increase the risk of a falling or getting into accidents.
  • Opportunity for independent living is threatened.
  • General wellbeing and health status is endangered.
  • Weak sleep quality increases the need for chronic medication.

Vivago MOVETM wellbeing watch gives information on following indicators

  1. Health and wellbeing status
  2. Night-time sleep amount
  3. Sleep quality
  4. Day-time activity
  5. Circadian rhythm